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Summer camp 2021

Summer Camps 2021

We have 3 options for you this year

*Kids In-Person: 10 weeks loaded with fun projects and weekly themes.

*Kids and families Virtual:  5 weeks of online art classes for kids and siblings for the price of one connection

*Teens In-Person workshops: 5 weeks of learning fine art fundamentals, exploring a different medium each week.

Student multi-class DISCOUNTS are available for In-Person Camps only: Pay one week at the regular price and receive 5% off on all the following weeks a student is registered. 

Virtual Classes pay one connection for the entire family.


Reserve your spots today 

and Pay later: two weeks before the start

of each of your selected camps.

In person kids
Summer schedule.png

Kids In-Person

7 to 11 years old

M-F 9 am to 1 pm  

$360 per week-ALL supplies included


Mask required

Following the local protocol of social distancing

Indoor and outdoor setting

At our In-person Camps, every project is fun to make and campers have the opportunity to learn about art fundamentals and cool techniques.

Our camps start with a brainstorming session where we discuss the theme of the week and that is when we put our ideas into action. 

Coming to camp is like being immersed in an art lab with a team of creative friends, using watercolors, acrylic paint, pencils, and oil pastels.

At the In-person Camps, we also do Sculpting, Simil Batik,  Modeling, Mix Media, and Acrylic pouring.

Learn more about our 

 Week 1 (6/21-6/25): Under the Sea

 Week 2 (6/28-7/2): Around the world

 Week 3 (7/5-7/9): Famous artists *No class on the 5th, tuition will be adjusted to a short week. 

 Week 4 (7/12-7/16): It's a small world, miniature week

 Week 5 (7/19-7/24): Nature and Camping

 Week 6 (7/26-7/30): 3D Art

 Week 7 (8/2-8/6): Animal Planet

 Week 8 (8//9-8/13): Camp Kindness

 Week 10 (8/23-8/27): Crazy about colors

Kids Virtual

7 to 11 years old siblings and parents are also welcome to participate

M-Th 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm meet one other week online

$60 per week per connection,not per student- Supplies NOT included      

These classes teaching instructions have the young artists in mind, they can work on their own without adult's assistance, and are organized to do amazing projects using affordable supplies: Watercolor, Acrylic paint, and color pencils.

Painting and Mix media projects.

Learn more about our 

 Week 1 (6/21-6/25): Under the Sea


 Week 3 (7/5-7/8): Famous artists *No class on the 5th. Tuition will be adjusted.


 Week 5 (7/19-7/24): Nature and Camping


 Week 7 (8/2-8/6): Animal Planet


 Week  9 (8/16-8/20): Favorite Seasons


In person Teens

Teens and Tweens In-Person

11 to 17 years old

 M-Th 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

$144 per week-ALL supplies included

Mask required

Following the local protocol of social distancing

Indoor and outdoor setting

These workshops are a great opportunity for your students to learn new art skills and try different mediums.

This introduction of each technique will make them realize how much they can fall in love with these different ways to create art!

Learn more about our 

 Week 2 (6/28-7/2): Oil Painting Workshop


 Week 4 (7/12-7/16): Painting Pets in Acrylics Workshop


 Week 6 (7/26-7/30): 3D Objects, Sculptures, and Modeling Workshop


 Week 8 (8//9-8/13): Soft Pastels workshop


 Week 10 (8/23-8/27): Mixed Media: Watercolor, Ink and Colored pencil Workshop


"Online classes" are taught through Zoom.
"In-Person classes" follow local rules regarding social distancing. We provide a divider between each kid’s working space, and we have an Air Purifier. A small group of attendees receives classes outdoors.


Summer classes are divided into Weekly Themes and we are exploring Sculpture, Painting, and Mix media techniques.

Our classes are fun and affordable, and our quality instructions focus on learning art fundamentals while exploring a variety of mediums.



In-person classes will have a 5% off when a student signs up for more than 1 week. 

Virtual classes will continue with our offer "Tuition per connection, not per student"


7-11 years old


9:00 am to 1:00 pm

All Supplies included


7-11 years old


2:30 pm to 3:30 pm every other week.

Online tuition is per connection not per student


11-17 years old


2:30 pm to 4:30 pm every other week.


All Supplies included


Summer Program 2021

Online and In-Person

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